Ada's Action Teams are community-based teams that are focused on creating new action in areas that are critical to Ada's economic and community development efforts. The action teams were formed through a strategic plannining engagement facilitated by the Ada Jobs Foundation in partnership with the City of Ada and Oklahoma Gas and Electric in 2020. These teams are focused on a variety of key initiatives such as creating more broadband access, working with the City of Ada to increase quality houisng, and developing career pathways for jobs in high tech and high-paying industries. This is a community effort and the action teams are made up from people throughout the greater Ada area who have a passion and interest in working towards Ada's future.

Digital Economy, Entrepreneurship,
and Broadband

This action team is focused on developing ways to assist entrepreneurs, increase innovation, and grow our digital economy in Ada. The team is currently working to create a cowork space in Ada and create better access to early-stage capital. There is a subcommittee also focused on increasing broadband and high-speed internet access in Ada as well as our larger, multi-county region.

Workforce Development
and Talent Retention

This action team is working to increase the talent available in our community. There is a team focused on coordinating our education and workforce partners to review data and plan workforce pathways in the future. Another area of work for this team is to identify, attract, and retain talented workers in our community.

Community Development

This action team is focused on many different areas of work in various sub-teams, including: housing and neighborhood development, beautification, community health and safety, and community vibrancy and placemaking.

How to Get Involved

Interested in joining? Follow these steps below.

  • Learn About the Action Teams

    Use this website to learn about the different action teams and latest updates. Discover which team is the most compelling to you.

  • Sign Up

    Use the form linked below to sign up. We will contact you to welcome you to the team you signed up to join.

  • Attend a Meeting

    The meeting schedule and information will be emailed to you. Attend a virtual meeting and learn what the team has been working on.

  • Work on a Project

    After the meeting, you will likely be asked to work directly on a project or generate a new project. This is your chance to use your skills and put your interest to work.

  • Provide Input on New Projects

    As you work with the action teams, you will have an opportunity to shape the future strategy of the action teams and provide input for a dynamic strategic assesment of the work.

  • Spread the Word

    As we are successful in creating new action, you can help us by spreading the word about this work by telling your friends, family, and peers.

Upcoming Meetings

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